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Simply put, we thrive on making Macedonian Athletics Sports Academy the most complete and trusted sports training resource on the market.

Macedonian Athletics Sports Academy is where we analyze competitive sports to aid in dramatically improving people to their fullest potential. We strive for you to succeed! We all underestimate the importance of success–and how essential it actually is to our survival. It is not enough to just play the game; it is vital that we learn to win at it. Devoting ourselves to hard work to overcome the impossible.

Giving an honest, open, logical approach. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion. We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our sports academy and our athletes to succeed. We shy away from no challenge. We only look at the best approach to take, because we always battle it head on. “Don’t be a little bitch.”

Self-confidence is something we push strongly here at our sports academy. You need the confidence to make the moves that drastically impact the game. It’s also a two sided coin, you also need the confidence to admit your weaknesses and ask how to improve upon them.
Focus is so much more than just centering your attention towards something. Any loser can stare and focus on a dot on the wall. Focusing is not limiting your thoughts or attention to something.

Focus is an unlimited connection from your mind and body; using your mind to concentrate your attention and thoughts towards a particular activity without losing the awareness and understanding of your surroundings, thoughts of others, and the movement and feeling of your own body.

To be successful at anything in life it takes a certain level of commitment. Your level of commitment typically determines your level of success. You need to commit yourself to getting better at your sport in order to expect positive results. Immersing yourself in the sports academy, joining the discussions, and implementing the information is a great way to improve your commitment level to your sport.
Being able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions on the field is one of the best assets of any athlete. Our sports academy takes tremendous pride on the ability to provide our athletes with the skills and knowledge to be able to adapt on the field even in peak situations where others would not normally be able to. Once of you’ve mastered this, you’ll be able to defeat any foe.

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  • Most responsive and player-friendly learning
  • Awesome media coverage gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents
  • Advanced training options allows for you to always improve yourself
  • Multiple player views allow for a diverse atmosphere and approach
  • Amazing skill shortcuts loaded with only the essentials for easy acquisition
  • We offer free support because we care about your success as much as you.


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We love our users and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing updates and outstanding support!

“Kiril and I built Eminence together from a 3man team to one of the largest feeder teams in Ohio. We also ran the Kent State University Paintball Team together. He has been a great asset to every team we’ve been apart of. He really took scouting other teams to a new level that I’ve never seen before. We always knew what to do on the field, and we consistently had top 4 finishes because of it.”
Joey Terry
“When you have a video about a layout my team plays I share it with the guys. Thanks for providing them on YouTube. It is a great help to get an outside perspective on a layout.”
Joey Gendron
“Kiril was always helping me dissect the gameplay in order to get better. I would like to recommend Macedonian Athletics Sports Academy to every one interested in building a great foundation in paintball. Without the knowledge of the game, you will only go so far.”
John Bert
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