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5 Practice Tips before NXL World Cup

Alright so you guys want to prepare for NXL World Cup, but the layout isn’t not released yet. So what should you guys be doing in practice? Here’s 5 things I think you should be doing leading up to world cup. First thing you want to do. Get everyone on your team together. Go to [...]

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NXL 2015 Virginia Beach Open – Lanes

This video covers the lanes of the National Xball League (NXL) 2015 Virginia Beach Open Layout. Need a better way to stop the snake push and in turn help yours? Check out this video brought to you by Macedonian Athletics Sports Academy. So with how the lanes are on the NXL Virginia Beach Open Layout, [...]

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Minor League Painball (MiLP) and Central Paintball League (CPL) sign agreement for joint venture

The owners from MiLP and CPL have reached an agreement to form a joint venture in which MiLP will take over production and operations of CPL events beginning with the final CPL event. CPX will continue to provide promotional support for all events including all MiLP Events, CPL Events, and any other events agreed upon [...]

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The Father of Paintball, Bob Gurnsey, Passed Away

Bob Gurnsey lost his fight with cancer this morning (8/24/2015). Words can not express the amount of appreciation we have for Bob Gurnsey as the creator of such a fun and great sport that we love to play. We will continue to honor Bob Gurnsey in his passing as we continue to spread, grow, and [...]

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NXL Releases Virginia Beach Layout

Here is the layout released for the National Xball League’s Virginia Beach Open 2015! After listening to the overwhelming demand from the players and field owners to remove the coin flip of the two layouts, the NXL went ahead and released the single layout for the next event. Rather than the two previous fields, this [...]

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The New, National Paintball Association

The National Paintball Association is here to provide affordable paintball events on a national level. The NPA focus is on the beginner to divisional player. This will allow teams to experience National Championship level tournaments for a fraction of the cost. With experienced staff and a ref crew headed up by National Pro Refs these [...]

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The Fight of The Century

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is going to be an exciting, technical fight. And it’s definitely going to be the fight of the Century. I can’t wait to see these two go at it. Manny Pacquiao’s Boxing Style: Manny uses a southpaw style of boxing. Which is generally regarded as the stronger style [...]

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National Paintball Shouldn’t Exist

Why I think this and why I am bringing it up you may ask. Well the rumor has it that the NXL is buying the PSP. The NXL is owned by G.I. Sportz and the PSP is owned by Dye Paintball. There’s a whole spew of conspiracies, and reasons why, etc. but that’s just hear [...]

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NXL Dropped The Pod

With the recent news of the return of the NXL and the rumors of their format. It looks to be that the NXL has dropped the ball, or is it paintball(s). Dropping the pod? However you want to say it, they did it. With the growing distaste, and frustration between players and the PSP. There [...]

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NXL Announces First Event of 2015

NXL Announces First Stop of 2015 Tour NXL Great Lakes Open Victory Park Ohio – Cleveland, OH June 5, 6 and 7, 2015 It was only twelve days ago when the announcement was first made that a new company had been formed with the goal to create a national tournament circuit that will send teams [...]

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