NXL Announces First Stop of 2015 Tour

NXL Great Lakes Open
Victory Park Ohio – Cleveland, OH
June 5, 6 and 7, 2015

It was only twelve days ago when the announcement was first made that a new company had been formed with the goal to create a national tournament circuit that will send teams to places they want to play paintball, at an affordable rate in an exciting environment where the entire industry is welcome. Since that recent announcement, the National Xball League (NXL) has been working diligently on securing venues in easy to reach locations with ideal playing surfaces where events would be accessible to the public and could be held during a time of year when the weather should be favorable.

Located within 500 miles of 43 percent of the U.S. population, Cleveland’s accessibility and vibrant downtown made it a front-runner for cities the NXL concentrated on for its 2015 season. The flat grass playing surface of Victory Park Ohio sealed the deal. With easy highway access, only 20 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from downtown Cleveland, Victory Park Ohio is conveniently located for those flying in, driving in, wanting to stay near or looking to enjoy the city. Victory Park, set up to run multiple sporting events at the same time, will also be hosting baseball tournaments throughout the NXL event dates. The NXL welcomes the expected cross over traffic as a great way to showcase paintball to other sport enthusiasts and their families.

While those who like to completely submerge themselves into the event and stay focused on their game plans will be pleased to easily find several hotels and restaurants within just 10 minutes of Victory Park, the NXL would love for the rest of you to have a complete vacation experience where you can enjoy everything from downtowns local cuisine and nightlife to the beaches and thrills of Cedar Point, a 365-acre amusement park located on a Lake Erie peninsula just 45 minutes from the NXL Open.

If you are able to enjoy some of downtown Cleveland’s 100 restaurants located within walking distance to 14 hotels, the theatre district, an MLB game, the Horseshoe Casino or nightclubs, be sure to let Clevelanders know about paintball. Invite them to the event, tell them about our sport, let them know why we are enjoying their city and encourage them to watch our webcast and try paintball out for themselves. For above all else, the NXL is hosting this event to celebrate paintball. If we can grow the sport while enjoying the best competition and trade show in paintball, then our mission has been accomplished. And it will be time for the paintball world to descend upon another region in the US for NXL Event #2…

Look for NXL social networks to be bombarded over the next several days with information regarding registration, classification, format and rules. Hotel, rental car and airline discounts will also be announced this week on xball.com. Stay connected through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by following us @NXLpaintball