Speed of the Game
I like this layout, It is going to be played at a moderate speed. I think it has potential to play fast, but it will ultimately play slower until one team is down 2 or 3 bodies because people will be afraid to make the creative and impactful moves because the moves are somewhat risky with this layout. However, I think making these risky moves will pay off in the long run with this particular layout if you’re consistently doing them and learning the right time for when make these moves, it’s going to pay off for ya. And I’ll be going over all these moves in the other videos coming out, I’ll be breaking down each section of the field and how to play it.


Snake Side
The snake side will play slower than the Dorito side due to the gaps in the snake and these large areas to drop paint into. The team that manages to get down the snake will ultimately win I think. The bunkers on this Dorito side just leave you too vulnerable to the snake.

Dorito Side
The Dorito side is where it has the potential to play fast because of the smaller W bunkers are actually a pretty decent size and the bunkers being so congested over there. It’ll require plenty of gun battling as a team and putting in your mirror and moving. Teams will either sit behind their guns on this side and waiting to land a shot, or trying to put players in and push and bunker the other team, time will tell. I can see a lot of teams being afraid to push on this side until they’re up bodies.

I’m just curious if teams will send 2 or 3 bodies to the Dorito side, most layouts favor sending the 3 to the snake side and that is usually what happens. But with the gaps in the snake making it harder to push, and the dominate tower here on the Dorito side being a huge factor. I’m curious if teams will send 3 to this Dorito side.

Maybe teams will end up sending the 5th player to The center bunker. We have this new big W bunker to play, It will be easy to make it to this off the break. And the center bunker can help speed or slow the game down depending on how you play it. However for this layout the big W isn’t as dynamic because of the pillars next to it. You can bounce shots off the pillars and hit the person in the W so you won’t be able to lock the field down from it and you’ll have to hope for a quick kill once you get in, otherwise you’ll most likely be forced to battle with people or even forced to move to the other side of it in order to not get shot from that bounce shot off that pillar. So I can see why people probably won’t be playing this center as often.

Regardless, It’s definitely an interesting layout. I’m excited to see how teams decide to play it. I’m going to go over my opinion on it more in depth in the following videos so if you want to get some ideas on how to pay it just keep watching and make sure to subscribe!