Hey Kako Si this is Kiril Grozdanovski, with Macedonian Athletics Sports Academy. Today we’re going to discuss the lanes for the NXL las vegas open layout.
As we can see, this back row is pretty nice. You get a beefy can here in the back center. And it’s accompanied by the temples, Aztecs and a medium Dorito. You have a few nice lanes here on the snake side. So we have a pretty solid back row. However, these pillars diminish some of the strength from it.

So let’s go over the lanes:

  • Your main lane is here over the pillar right into this zone before the god. It’s great especially if your wanting to hit the corner runner through this lane. But if they superman dive into this god it is going to be harder to hit them, your shot will be slightly too high so you will have to take an extra step out into the open in order to shoot a little lower to hit them.
  • The second lane is here into the snake corner.
  • Third lane is coming to the Aztec and shooting back here in the open where the people will be for the first 2 lanes.
    Let’s also note, you can come up into this can, as you shoot these lanes or after you shoot them, which is nice or even just dip into the Aztec.


  • Lanning Dorito side will be more of a challenge. The only lane I can tell from the pictures is the one before the first small w and the one before the big Dorito. I wouldn’t even lane for this small Dorito. I would welcome anyone on the other team to get into this small Dorito and trap him in it.
  • You can shoot over the W. Straight back into these zones.
  • You also have a small cross shot into the Dorito.


The key to staying alive on the breakout is going to be staying low and superman diving into all your bunkers. The pillars force paint up higher and how that dynamic works is when you lane that high over the middle, the paint comes down right around your chest and midsection across the back line So stay low on your runs and dives.
Don’t be afraid to sit in the open in order to shoot a solid lane, you can get away with staying in the open for awhile. I’d say at most, dumping a hopper and 2 pods, at that point I’d start looking to get into a bunker to be safe, but you’re given time on this layout for that because of the big W in the center with all of these pillars, just be watchful for incoming paint and where your teammates are saying the other team is…


You want to dial in your lanes and teams will want to risk staying in the open to gain an advantage by hopefully getting a kill off the break. So make sure to scout teams and where they are standing guys and lanning in order to shoot them and get easy kills yourself.

But that’s going to basically do it for lanes on this layout, have a great day guys.