It’s really just personal preference. Some things work better for others. I’d suggest testing out some stuff yourself and finding a routine that works best for you and repeat it. Repeating it every time will get your mindset right every time.

My routine before I play paintball:

I don’t like to eat anything for at least 6-12 hrs before. I like to just drink water leading up to it, and I’ll have a zero calorie Monster beforehand/throughout with water. If I am feeling tired, I’ll also take a caffeine pill, and some ephedrine..

I like to make sure I stretch the night before. I also stretch the day of before I get ready to play. I like to hold stretches for at least a full minute. I’ll usually do it longer, depends on how tense I am. I like to make sure I actually feel the muscles relax.

Afterwards, I like to walk the field to re-familiarize myself with shots. I then like to just grab my marker setup and run through repetition of the basic movements to start sending those neuron signals before game time.

Again, this is something you need to test and figure out what works for you. For example, the way I eat before is because it suits my diet and the way I feel. You need to figure out and do what suits your diet and needs before you play.