national paintball association

The National Paintball Association is here to provide affordable paintball events on a national level. The NPA focus is on the beginner to divisional player. This will allow teams to experience National Championship level tournaments for a fraction of the cost. With experienced staff and a ref crew headed up by National Pro Refs these events promise to be legendary! Our events will be held in prime locations across the country with both western and eastern conference nationals building up to a Grand National Championship Event. The Grand National Event will alternate between Eastern and Western Conference locations from year to year.

The NPA is breaking new ground in tournament history extending an open invitation to all regional and local tournament leagues to participate in our association. Expanding on this we are developing a steering committee consisting of team managers, owners or captains as well as the local and regional league promoters. If you participate in our association of leagues you will have access to open communication with the NPA and a voice in tournament paintballs future. Being open and inclusive is the key to understanding the players needs and accommodating them. Our primary goal is simply to attract new people to our sport and retain them by providing the best most affordable events possible!

If you have any questions about becoming an associate league partner or want to play the NPA feel free to email me directly.

Best Regards
Darin Tapp
NPA, MSXL Founder