Unsure which layout this is for as it is not labeled. I just got sent this layout in a message asking for breakouts. Decided to share it with others to possibly learn from.


—– Breakout 1 —–

For this breakout. It’s more of a safe breakout, with some Dorito side presence. Just want to try and catch a kill off the break from your lanes or their sloppy play.

1. Go to the 200 shooting back at their 300 and trying to catch anyone running to the titan if you can.

2. 300 shoots cross field at the lane going wide to the dorito side.

3. Stand back in the open behind the 400 to protect yourself and shoot cross field at anyone going wide to the snake. Afterwards you’ll focus on the dorito side once you get into the bunker.
(If #2 and #3 isn’t working in generating kills off the break because not able to hit lanes, just switch guns to their outside lanes they can hit successfully)

4. 500 goes to dorito and shoots back at the 400 or anyone running to the titan.

5. 600 goes to the corner and tries to control the dorito side from the corner. (Either the player in the 500 or 600 pushes the doritos)


—– Breakout 2 —–

For this breakout. We want to get our guys into the spots alive for this snake push, and keep their guys out of positions that could ruin the play.

1. Send a guy to the 100. We need him in the corner to control the snake, and help the snake push later. If he can fill the snake later, that’s good. Do it but only if he can safely do it.

2. 200 shoots back at the 300 or anyone else who could potentially hit our guy going to the 100 on the break. Also watching for anyone trying to run to the titan. He fills the snake if the 100 hasn’t got a chance to yet. If our 100 gets into the snake, he can then go back to the 100 and help him.

3. Titan shoots for the 100 as he runs up to the titan. He controls the snake side from anyone getting wide to the 100 or snake. He can put a lot of pressure on anyone in the 200, seattle, baby, and 300 from the titan. Don’t die from gun fight, but apply pressure. Very crucial.

4. 400 lanes the wide lane on the dorito side. Don’t let anyone get into the 600 or the God. If you can prevent that China too that’s even better. But don’t let them get passed the China. Have plenty of pods to gun down the dorito side practically none stop.

5. 500 shoots the 400 and looks for anyone going to the titan. We don’t want someone being able to come around the titan and shooting our guy in the titan in the back. Again that’s a crucial spot to apply pressure from on that snake side like mentioned earlier. So we need to protect him.

The more pressure coming from the titan, allows guns to come off our 200/snake guy and the guy in the 100 to work together, and get passed the snake 1 to snake 2 gap, in order to move down to the cobra, and get kills from the cobra. Snake 1 sucks, snake 2 sucks. You need in the cobra to get kills and potentially their snake 2.